Presence = The End of Suffering

The only way to end suffering is presence. Your mind will tell you that it’s too simple to be a solution but have you ever stopped to ask your mind why it repeats the same thoughts over and over again? What is the actual point of that loop? There’s no solution, just comfort in what we know, no matter how destructive and dysfunctional. The only way out of the loop, out of the insanity is presence. To be in whatever is happening and wherever we are fully and wholly. We seem to be the only creatures who think that we can deny what is, fight against nature and her current, and actually win.

The funny thing is that whatever is actually happening in the present moment is rarely ever the problem. What rules is fear—fear of loss, sadness, solitude, and emptiness. So, if presence is the end of suffering, the acceptance of what is as it is—then embracing the present moment is the only way out. Life is transient; it is flux. What is, is what is. It might change and it might not, but, most likely, it will.

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