Are You Addicted To Dysfunction?

Here’s what I know about dysfunction, it’s a tolerable disease once you allow yourself to get used to it. You find yourself making excuses; for people, for situations and then it becomes the norm. It’s all you know and you’ve made a home in it. There’s only one way out of dysfunction, watch below to find out!

Pass The Test

Have you ever wondered why certain patterns continue to show up in your life? They’ll keep showing up until you learn what they’re meant to teach you. We do not get to move on to the next chapter until we pass the test. We are half-way through the year and it’s time to take stock. Watch below for the questions you need to start asking in order to move forward!

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You Are Not What You Do

...Although what you do can be an extension of who you are. Anna Quindlen said it best, "Don't ever confuse the two, your life and your work." Ask someone about who they are and they'll rattle off jobs, titles, company names, etc. I've been guilty of this too. My "aha moment" came when I realized that there is no job, no matter how perfect I am at it or valuable to it, that will ever feel that I am irreplaceable. The system just wasn't built that way...

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