It’s Time To Choose Yourself

We show up for work and its obligations; we show up for our bosses, partners, and friends; we pay our bills on time for the fear of being penalized but a lot of us put ourselves last. We postpone our dreams and our calling, thinking that we’ll get to it at some point in this lifetime. This ride called life is a one time experience. It’s time to be a little selfish — it’s time to choose yourself.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

"What if it doesn't work?" My brother / personal photographer / videographer asked after our 8th attempt to film a video that was integral to the launch of my book, Thank God It's Monday. I paused in front of his apartment and looked at him, utterly frustrated, "Then we're done. I can't keep doing this." I stated. Approximately 1.5 seconds later, I turned back around and murmured, "If it doesn't work, we'll try it again the next day." I walked out...

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