How Badly Do You Want It?

I was recently speaking to a dear friend who's in limbo about what's next in her life. She's often spoken about her dream of launching her own product/business but every day, I watch as she goes to work, comes home, hangs out and does it all again the next day. I watch as she shows up for other people and other activities, I watch as she chooses everything but her dream. Every time we talk about the obstacles around starting this business, from the financial commitment to not having enough time or the right contacts, my answer is the same to her ―"you don't want it badly enough".

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There’s A Mad Man Outside My House

Technically, he's a drunk. He loves 3AM to 5 AM strolls and when he strolls down my street, he really enjoys yelling profanities and racist slurs. Based on his 4AM "TED Talk" a few weeks ago, he is blonde hair and blue eyed, Donald Trump is his president and he hates black people. It's not the first time that this man has made an appearance over the past few years. The cops have been called many times, he comes back and then after a while, he disappears...

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Pay Attention!

When we’re young, we dream about the future, when we’re old, we dream about the past. In our pursuit of everything but the present moment, we miss out on the beauty of what is. It’s time to start paying attention.