Big Big Big News! Thank God It’s Monday Has Officially Launched!

I am so excited to announce that my book, Thank God It’s Monday — 52 Weekly Inspirational Messages To Blast Away Your Monday Blues has officially launched!

Everything that Life has taught me about saying yes to our purpose, gifts and passions is in this book and I feel equally honored, privileged and proud to share it with you. This book wakes you up; it reminds you of who you are — of your power. We are so much more than the 9 to 5; than the titles we’ve boxed ourselves into and the limits we’ve put on our capabilities.

I’m here to remind you of what you’ve forgotten.

Each TGIM message is designed to help you find your purpose, to show up for your dreams +gifts, and to help you blast away your Monday blues. Even if you don’t like to read, it’s just one message for the week; a bite-size Sunday night or Monday morning read.

Wake up, be inspired, be motivated, your real life awaits!

Grab a copy for yourself and anyone else who could use the dose of inspiration here!

Monday Dose Of Inspiration: Do You Feel Like An Impostor?

I've been having a lot of conversations lately about the "impostor syndrome". For some people, it's that feeling of recognizing the greatness that you're a part of and wondering how you got to be a part of it. You leave a conversation and you play it all back—you watch your lips move in slow motion with all these brilliant minds watching you and you wonder...Do they know that you're just you? Is what you bring to the table enough? Will you be found out?

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Monday Dose Of Inspiration: 4 Fs To Give In Stressful Situations

There's a look that's been haunting me lately. Actually, it's more than a visual thing, I see it and I feel it. I ask someone how they're doing and I can see the tension in their faces. Even when their words say they're okay, their reactions and the energy surrounding them tell a different story. I'm sympathetic because I recognize that look in myself. I've gotten used to that look. In the past, I convinced myself that it's the price you pay for what you have and where you are...

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Your Opinion Of Me Is None Of My Business

Embracing this one thought will strengthen you. It will transform you. It will free you. One of the most poignant lessons I've learned is that the more you dare to walk your path, the more you dream bigger, to step outside of the norm, to use your gifts and thrive; the more you are vulnerable... the more you become exposed to other people's criticisms and opinions...

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