What’s The Alternative?

Positivity is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Peace is a choice. In spite of the life situations that rise up around us every single moment of everyday, we have a choice in how we will respond and react. We have a choice each time to go with faith or go down the rabbit hole of fear.

Pushed Out

When Life sees that you’re getting too comfortable and knows that’s not the final destination, you’ll be pushed out. Some of the things you thought were perks and blessings, start to become a prison, an inconvenience. You start to become uncomfortable in your comfort zone.

Are You Driving Blind?

Imagine having a state of the art navigation system in your car, ready to guide you and yet you never turn it on or you do turn it on but refuse to listen. What a complete waste of an asset that would be. The problem is that most of us are already wasting this very valuable asset…