If Not Now, Then When?

Are you waiting for the perfect moment to finally enjoy your life? The disease of perfection will rob you of life’s perfectly imperfect moments while promising that one day in the future, you will be “perfectly happy”. What happens when that day never comes? Or worse, it does come and you realize that it’s riddled with its own set of challenges, thereby rendering that very moment you’ve waited for imperfect? The time to live is now. It will always be now. Because if not now, then when?

There Is Beauty In Not Knowing What Comes Next

I find it interesting that the word “nowhere” is also “now here.” The next time you want to run away from a place and space of nothing, please stop and stay. You know that space; you are that space. No “bad” thing can come from that space. To trust, to live, and to breathe that unknown space shows that you trust in life itself. Remember that from nothing comes everything.

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Who Is Your Anchor?

Your dreams don’t need other people’s permission or approval but no man is an island. It is nice to have support. Find the people who see you, in all of your glory and potential, who support that potential. Find the people who believe in the impossible. Tag your Anchor below or be an Anchor to someone else— tag to lift them up!

Trust In Life

The message today is simple, TRUST IN LIFE. This is my only resolution this year. We worry so much about what happened, could have happened, is happening and should be happening. This small bird is the perfect example of how Life supports its own. The branches and flowers are Life’s way of taking care of that bird. You are part of Life and Life’s Ecosystem. If that tiny bird can find its way, be fed and sustained and protected in its journey, why wouldn’t you? Trust in the journey. Trust in the process. Trust in Life.